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MARCH 2019
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Odisseia [Brazil]

A mythology of human feelings

Odisseia [Brazil]

(In)famous Brazilian director and stage author Leonardo Moreira uses the well-known story about the man who leaves house and home to wage war and then journeys for another ten years before returning home as his inspiration for this four-and-a-half-hour theatre experience.

reportage: Rob van Pelt

In a strong stage-on-stage setting, the audience takes the place of the absent hero, and the actors play the various characters he comes across. The players interweave their personal memories, doubts and dreams with the tales told by the characters of the original poem.

Odisseia is an absolutely convincing presentation of the female point of view in this heroic epic which most intelligently combines new feminism and the #MeToo discussion with the experiences of the female characters.

Odisseia is a rocking road trip through the landscape of modern women in relationship to the hero who may or may not have been toppled from his pedestal. Highly unique, feminist, humorous, activist and first and foremost very current.

Following the play’s recent, highly acclaimed world première at the prestigious Fast Forward Festival in Athens, all the European theatres were queuing up. Fortunately we were right at the front of the queue, and as a result we will be able to present this high-profile play in all Explore cities.

“ What makes this performances so special is the combination of compelling acting and brilliant dramaturgical concepts, finely honed during long and intensive rehearsal sessions.” – De Theaterkrant ****

Duration: 4 hours and 20 minutes 
Food and drinks are served during the two breaks
18.30 – Start
20.00 – First break: bread with olive oil and water
20.15 – Second part
21.30 – Second break: soup, bread, Brazilian drink
21.45 – Third part
23.00 – End

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Genre: Theater
Executives: Cia. Hiato / Leonardo Moreira
Language: Portuguese, English subtitles


Directed by
Leonardo Moreira

Written by
Aura Cunha, Aline Filócomo, Fernanda Stefanski, Leonardo Moreira, Luciana Paes, Maria Amélia Farah, Paula Picarelli, Thiago Amaral

Aline Filócomo, Aura Cunha, Fernanda Stefanski, Nilcéia Vicente, Maria Amélia Farah, Paula Picarelli en Thiago Amara

Aura Cunha

Assistant Director
Luciana Paes

Mariana Delfini

Set & Lighting Design
Marisa Bentivegna

Costume Design
Chris Aizner

Assistant Set Design & Video Operator
Cezar Renzi

Sound and Music by
Miguel Caldas

Audio-visual Director and Graphic Design
Laerte Késsimos

Photos by
Ligia Jardim

Surtitles operator
Iannis Papadakis

Production Direction
Aura Cunha

Production Management
Yumi Ogino

International Promotion
Ligne Directe Judith Martin

Cia. Hiato and Elephante Produções Artísticas

Fomento ao Teatro – Prefeitura Municipal de São Paulo, ProAC – Governo do Estado de São Paulo, Onassis Cultural Centre - Athens, Grand Theatre Groningen, Sesc São Paulo, Mousonturm - Frankfurt

4.5 hours


  • Thu 7 Mar 18:30
    Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
  • Tue 12 Mar 18:30
    Het Nationale Theater, Koninklijke Schouwburg, Den Haag
  • Sat 16 Mar 18:30
    Stadsschouwburg, Groningen
  • Tue 19 Mar 18:30
    Internationaal Theater, Amsterdam (ITA)
  • Thu 21 Mar 18:30
    Chassé Theater, Breda
  • Tue 26 Mar 18:30
    Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg
  • Thu 28 Mar 18:30
    Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Kerkrade

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Stadsschouwburg Groningen, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Frascati (Amsterdam), Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Het Nationale Theater (Den Haag), Zuiderstrandtheater (Den Haag), Theater Rotterdam, Chassé Theater (Breda), Parkstad Limburg Theaters (Heerlen en Kerkrade)