Ottof (Morocco)

‘Ottof’ – busy ants – that is how Bouchra Ouizguen calls a group of older women with whom she has worked for years.

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Under Siege

Under Siege (China)

Renowned choreographer Yang Liping brings us Under Siege, her stunning vision of the climactic battle between Chu and Han armies, an ambush that changed the course of Chinese history, and a love that would transcend death.

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Softmachine (Singapore)

A map of the new Asian dance landscape is the best way to describe the project of theatre maker, visual artist and designer Choy Ka Fai. He interviewed 88 choreographers in five countries and made a documentary about the influence of the local context on their lives and work. In collaboration with some of them he also made performances of which two are shown in this programme.

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La Dictadura de lo Cool

La Dictadura de lo Cool (Chili)

In La Dictadura de lo Cool, Teatro La Re-Sentida makes fun of the Chilean artisan. Once left wing and politically involved, now diverted to a new, amoral bourgeoisie, drinking and snuffing through life.

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